25 feb. 2010

Such an other day..

OMG.. Today was.. Pretty weird (?).. School was annoying, we didn't do anything fun.. Well was school, what was i waiting for? We didn't have the last class soo my sister and I went to the bank 4 some stuff that we gotta do.. Bank was slowly, we spend like a hour and a half there, idk.. After we finally got out my sister went to lask's house.. I decided to went home walking.. I started walking slowly, but i saw the stadium.. Yeah, the stadium, [[gonna star the history from the begining]].. My x use to play baseball, and we spend to many afternoon in that stadium; so when i look it [[now that im too sentimental]] i felt weird Oo, and when i looked inside THERE HE WAS! I stopped on the middle on the street and stay staring at him when he was talking and looking for his bag, he never looked at me, and after a few minutes I decided to go.. When i was like a block of distance I decided to come back, when i was in front of the stadium i decided to go again.. I DID THAT LIKE 7 TIMES! The last time I decided to go in and wish him 'good luck' but when I finally got in, he wasn't there!! He was in the field!! I felt so dumb, I almost cry..
I arrived to my house and I did all the stuff that I had to do.. I have course theses days so I prepared myself and went out of the house. My course is before the stadium but i prefered to went down the bus a little bit after the stadium, I passed again and He was playing.. And I must say, he was gorgeous, handsome just.. him.. [[do you se a person in love here or what?]] This time i dont even think about it, I got into the stadium when he was pitching, I stay behind the hitter and he look at me like: O.O! : [[He had a really funny face xD]] and after 2 minutes he came back to him and the game.. The first ball that he send was a "ball" and the other one was a "homerun" he was complete in shock, when the other players were runing around the bases he was just standing there, with shock in all his face!! [[I was completely LOL]] soo I went to my course with a stupid smile on my face because I can cause all that on him! And if i can do that.. that must be that he still have feelings for me right?

Idk, i feel it in that way, maybe i'm wrong but.. Damn i love him :S I'm thinking to my self that this is just a game in my head just for feel hope, and believe that he continuous loving me.. And wanted to talk with him, but he didn't get on.. I want to know if he saw me, if that reaction was for me.. u.u"

4 comentarios:

  1. Wow, the heart always playing tricks and therefore we are always talking that it is better to leave that boy back!

  2. Yes we were talking about that, but xD hahaha idk.. I think that i need some time xD or another guy XD

  3. ''Sometimes you love 'em, sometimes you hate 'em''

    Oh Lale how I understand your situation (well.. Kind of) I bet is hard to see your ex sometimes, especially when you still have feelings for him. But nevertheless (love that word!)like I told Andy ''someone better will come by.. :)''


  4. Can u believe that when i look at him, it doesn't hurt? Oo i am trying to cry [[just for "feeling well"]] but i can't xD i'm weird.. xD